How To Jailbreak Firestick Step By Step Updated 2019 [Working Method]

How To Jailbreak Firestick Step By Step Updated 2019 [Working]

In this Tutorial, I want to tell you if you don’t know how to jailbreak firestick and guide you step by step whole process to jailbreak a firestick App.I’m going to show you the complete process to install the streaming app to watch free Shows, Movies on jailbroken firestick device. This method is also working on Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, Fire TV stick, and Other devices.

Now you don’t need to pay a more monthly subscription.

I will help you if you don’t know How to jailbreak Firestick. Once you finish the jailbreaking, you will be able to watch free TV shows, Movies in 4k HD Quality.

NOTE- Jailbreaking without hiding your privacy is risky. We recommend you to need to replace your IP address with a trusted VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK(VPN) to hide your online activities. Express VPN is extremely Fast and trusted hide your data.your unblocking country restricted videos for streaming.

If you don’t want to read boring kind of stuff. Directly jump to firestick jailbreaking method.

What is Firestick Jailbreaking? (Overview & Benefits)

A couple of years prior, ”Jailbreaking” gone tremendously well-known amount iPhone users. A various number of IOS smartphone jailbreak with the help of various tools and software developed by developer worldwide. Jailbreaking is a strategy to change a few codes of any operating system to increase full control of users on that device. Whenever a new device launched in the market, manufacturing companies try to command gets features of that device just for their marketing or cash procuring purposes. Like Google Movies, Google Photos, Mi Feedback, Calender, Lenovo Support etc..


Once you jailbreak your Smartphone, you can customize your device according to your need.

Below are some Benefits of Firestick Jailbreaking…

Once jailbreaking of iOS complete, iPhone users don’t have to pay to install any Games. Similarly, when you escape the firestick, you don’t have to pay your monthly subscription. Everything will be free…

  • Jailbreaking will give you full power over your Device.
  • According to your need to allow customize the device.
  • You can watch 4k HD quality Movie Free of cost.
  • You can watch Sports channel Free of cost.
  • You can listen to free music and play games.

What Firestick Jailbreak is illegal?

There are many Fire TV users to asking is Firestick jailbreak illegal? So my answer to this is NO-

When you follow this method to jailbreak firestick then it’s completely legal. In this guide, we are going to tell you to install Firedl Kodi on Firestick.

How to Jailbreak Firestick? (Without USB Cable – Easy Method)

Amazon Firestick brought entertainment to the up level. you watching the movie or live tv channels, firestick will find the best substance for him/her. There are much popular application install like Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, NBC, YouTube, etc to watch free videos and movies. All these applications to require a premium subscription and you need to pay for downloading some Videos from Amazon App Store.

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“Without a VPN you can’t benefits of Firestick Jailbreaking. Because most of the IPTV service is Region need to get a VPN. We recommend EXPRESS VPN Because it’s fast and secure.”

Once you will able to Jailbreak Firestick no need to pay any single penny for subscription next time. There are multiple methods to jailbreak firestick but I will tell you the easiest one.

How To Jailbreak Firestick (Method#1 – Via Downloading)

  1. Plug-in your Smart TV power cable and let it boot.
  2. Now Open Amazon Firestick.
  3. Go to Settings> then Click On Device.
  4. Choose Developers Option.
  5. Enable Apps From Unknown Sources.
  6. Enable ADB Debugging.
  7. Back to Firestick Home.
  8. Select the Search option.
  9. Type Downloader.
  10. Install Downloader App from the app store.
  11. Back to Apps.
  12. Launch Downloader.
  13. Click To Download Kodi Krypton 17.6:
  14. Press OK.
  15. Name the Path as Kodi and select Download Now option.
  16. Once downloaded, Open the file and press Install.
  17. Finish Installation.
  18. Back to Firestick Home & Enjoy the latest version of Kodi on Firestick.

Note- It’s strongly recommended to use ExpressVPN for hiding your privacy. Express VPN is fast and Secure VPN for Firestick and Kodi users.

How To Jailbreak Firestick? (Method #2- Via ES File Explorer)

  1. Plug-in your Smart TV power cable and let it boot.
  2. Now Open Amazon Firestick.
  3. Go to Settings> then Click On Device
  4. Choose Developers Option.
  5. Enable Apps From Unknown Sources.
  6. Enable ADB Debugging.
  7. Back to Firestick Home.
  8. Select the Search option.
  9. Type ES File Explorer.
  10. Install ES File Explorer.
  11. Back to Apps.
  12. Launch ES File Explorer.
  13. Select Tools> then Download Manager.
  14. Enter this address in Path:
  15. Press OK.
  16. Name the Path as Kodi and select Download Now option.
  17. Once downloaded, Open the file and press Install.
  18. Finish Installation.
  19. Back to Firestick Home and Enjoy the latest version of Kodi on Firestick.
  20. Watch free Videos TV Shows by install some popular Firedl Kodi Codes.

How To Jailbreak Firestick? (Method #3- Via Aptoid TV)

Step- 1: Allow Apps from Unknown Sources

Open your Fire TV after connecting all the necessary cables. Go to Settings> Device> Developers option> then Allow Apps from Unknown Sources option.

Turn ON Apps From Unknown Sources

Step- 2: Go to Search option

Search Option

Step- 3: Type “Downloader”


Type Downloader

Step- 4: Open Downloader

Open Downloader

Step- 5: Enter Download URL


Here you need to download Aptoid TV for Firestick then you can install Kodi from Aptoid TV store.

URL 1  < Recommended

Step- 6: Select OK or Enable JavaScript


Step- 7: Wait… Aptoid TV Apk is downloading


Step- 8: Select Install


Step- 9: Again Select Install


Step- 10: Wait… Aptoid TV is installing

Wait for the next 20 seconds to fully install Aptoid TV on Fire TV Cube.


Step- 11: Open Aptoid TV


Step- 12: Open Aptoid TV and Look for Kodi

Go to your Apps list on your Fire TV and open Aptoid TV.


Step- 13: Click Install Button


Step- 14: Select Install Option


Step- 15: Select Install


How To Jailbreak Firestick (Install Kodi on Firestick)

Step-1. Plug-in Power Cable-

Connect the power cable from the socket and start your Smart TV.


Step-2. Launch Firestick-

Now, launch firestick on your device to begin the installation process of Kodi 17.6.


Step-3. Open Settings

Open settings on your Firestick device to make some changes.

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Step-4. Select Device

Scroll down and select Device option from the list. This option show developer options and various other options.


Step-5. Select Developers Option-

we need to perform some changes. Select Developers Option to do the same. You will see ADB debugging and Unknown Sources inside the developer option.


Step-6. Turn ON Apps from Unknown Sources-

Enable ADB Debugging (optional) and Apps From Unknown Sources to allow Firestick device to install. By default, this option keep it disable to secure your Android Operating System from malware and threats.


Step-7. Go back to Firestick Home-

Using your firestick remote back button, go back to firestick home.


Step-8. Select the Search option

Select the search option from your Firestick remote and go to the address bar.

Search Firestick App Store

Step-9. Install Downloader-

Type Downloader in the search bar and search. Now, download the first app from the result.



Step-10. Open Downloader-

Just click on the Open button once Downloader is installed or back to Firestick Home> then Apps> scroll down and open Downloader.



Step-11. Type Kodi v17.6 file location-

In the URL bar, enter the following address to download Kodi Krypton 17.6 installation file- and select Go.


Step-12. Wait for a few seconds-

Once you click Go, a file will start downloading on your Firestick device. Wait till downloading process is finished. It depends on your internet connection speed.


Step-13. Select Install

In the next step, you need to select the Install option to being the installation of Kodi 17.6 for Firestick.


Step-14. Again Select Install-

In the next screen, Select install to start the installation.


Step-15. Wait for a few seconds-

You will see on the next screen that, Kodi App is being installed on your Firestick device. Just wait till it finishes.


Step-16. Select Open-

Once the installation process is finished, select open to launch the Kodi instantly or just go back to Firestick Home> then Apps> open Kodi.


Now Firedl Kodi Firestick has been installed on your Firestick. Now, you can run Kodi by visiting the Apps menu and then install any Kodi Add-on to watch Videos, TV Shows, and Movies.


Latest Firedl Codes List (Updated 2019)

  • Helix – Code = “820803”
  • Tvdatelital1rokutv76 – Code = “859125”
  • Flix – Code = “678441”
  • Flix – Code = “954636”
  • Angel – Code = “115349”
  • Angel – Code = “638154”
  • Bud TV nueva 2 20 19 – Code = “400210”
  • latintv box Rosa – Code = “343846”
  • latintv box 2.0 – Code = “201285”
  • deluxeplay – Code = “272805”
  • Filelinked – Code = “348858”
  • budtv2.0 – Code = “240706”
  • Kong – Code = “862519”
  • kong media green apk – Code = “674465”
  • Skysoccerplus – Code = “040686”
  • sky soccer plus – Code = “570913”
  • TOP MEDIA – Code = “133314”
  • TOP MEDIA – Code = “145478”
  • Budtv2 egomez – Code = “772882”
  • Undertv – Code = “176016”
  • Mitv M327 – Code = “395192”
  • inferno – Code = “499526” –
  • Gamba – Code = “579035”
  • Bud2 – Code = “857966”

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